Illuminate Your Path


Executive Coaching and Development

Whether in business or life, coaching opens the windows to new insights for obtaining what you want most.  Whether you have specific work goals or are just unsatisfied or unsettled in some area of your life, this coaching process goes beyond the traditional.  Using an intuitive inquiry process, we work alongside you to uncover unconscious factors which bring awareness to your actions, as well as exploring tactical business solutions.  Once this is illuminated, we work with you to strengthen the unique parts of yourself to create success and fulfillment.

  • Executive Coaching 
  • Business Direction and Clarity
  • Goal Attainment
  • Personal Development
  • Change-in-life (divorce, grief or other changes)

If you find any of these statements resonate with you, we could be a good match.  

“I want to grow my company and need help.”

“I would like to start a company and need help.”

“I have a leader at work and I would like to invest in their development.”

“I would like to move to the next level in my career.”

“I would love to have a trusted person to work with on a regular basis with what I need.”

“I feel like I am getting in my own way.”

“I am working too many hours and it is affecting my life.”

“I just went through a life event and it is affecting my work.”