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“The more you match up your natural gifts inside you to your environment outside, the more you will live out your purpose, and the happier you will be.”

– Kate Wood

Our signature product, Clarity Compass, is an 8-week online coaching system designed to help you get clarity, regain confidence and rediscover your true gifts.

Created and led by Illuminate Coaching founder Kate Wood, the program breaks down how to get unstuck and learn why you got stuck in the first place. Designed with busy lifestyles in mind, we’ve divided the course into short, impactful segments that walk you step-by-step towards a more meaningful and productive life.

Through brief videos, easy-to-manage on-demand activities, and Clarity Council sessions, Clarity Compass invites you to dive deep for yourself, exploring your life’s calling, relationships, setbacks


and endless possibilities.

“After completing Clarity Compass, I know myself better and love myself for who I am. I feel better equipped to look inside for clear direction. It provided the tools I needed to better understand myself, and to lead the life I want to lead!” – Clarity Compass Participant

Unclear on your path? Struggling to connect? Searching for more?

Get Clear with Clarity Compass

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Throughout my career, i've heard things like:

  • I know what I need to do at work but can’t seem to motivate myself to do it.

  • I want to be healthier and lose weight, but can’t.

  • I feel like I should be doing more, but I don’t know what or how to make that happen.

  • I know I need to make a change either at work or home but don’t know what that is.

Along with this, I also hear:

  • I am frustrated and don’t feel I am being the best I can be.

  • I’m overwhelmed.

  • I’m getting in my own way and overthinking things.

  • I’ve lost my confidence.

  • I am unhappy.

Is any of this you? Then, you’re in the right place!

Who's it for?

Everyone! Whether you’re a busy executive, a freelancer, a homemaker, an entrepreneur or a retiree, Clarity Compass can help.

Clarity Compass will help you claim and create the life your heart desires. From deeper insight into what is truly meaningful in your life, which propels you to greater productivity in what matters, 

Clarity Compass helps get you there.

What should I expect?

Clarity Compass is strategically designed for people who have demanding schedules and require flexibility. Since the course is online, you get to move at your own pace.

You’ll get:

30 videos led by Kate (approx. 10 minutes each)
31 downloadable activities that reinforce what you just learned
An Insight and Celebration Calendar
A spot on Clarity Council virtual group sessions led by Kate and including other members at the same place in the program as you
Guided Meditations
Journal Prompts

Clarity Compass equips participants with the tools they need to map out their brightest futures.

Through a mix of introspection, reflection, prioritization and goal-setting, participants complete the program with newfound confidence in their paths and gifts – and new hope for the future


Completing Clarity Compass has been a life-changing experience for me. In looking back at what I have done and learned through this course, it changed my perspective about myself. It put me more in touch with me! It has given me the tools I needed (and truly didn’t know I was looking for) in order to create and lead my best life – a life that’s true and authentic to me.

Clarity Compass is true to its name – like a compass, it guides you step-by-step along the road to meeting yourself and helping you take the next right steps.

After completing Clarity Compass, I know myself better and love myself for who I am. I feel better equipped to look inside for clear direction. It provided the tools I needed to better understand myself, and to lead the life I want to lead!

I enjoyed how this program used small segments to guide me on the path of self-discovery. It’s like a 365 degree compass, and from where you’re standing, you can look back and look ahead – and then decide how to move forward in a meaningful and authentic way.

There’s usually one area of my life that’s “stuck” now and again, and nice thing about this program is that it can be applied across the board to enrich any one area of your life.

This program combines practical steps with intuition in order to guide you to help you get unstuck or move ahead in your life with clarity

This is great for busy people who want to invest in themselves! It was easy to build into my schedule and commit to a few minutes each day to my own knowing and my own growth.

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