Illuminate Your Path

Hello and Welcome.

It happened again – I had coffee with someone who reached out to me because we had talked at a networking session months ago.  I asked him a question “that hit him right between the eyes” and he has been thinking about it since.

This is not unusual, after decades in business, I realized I have an uncanny sense of what questions are needed to free up the most important insights.  It wasn’t until specific coaching training that I realized much of that gift was coming from life-long intuitiveness and that I could sense more than what is on the surface.

When working with clients, I combine these two skills – coaching and intuitiveness – to bring a unique approach.

My Professional Bio

Kate Wood is Founder of Illuminate Coaching and Co-Founder of The Table. As an Intuitive Coach, Kate merges business acumen, coaching, and insights beyond normal sensory perception to offer a unique service.  Her clients include top business executives, entrepreneurs, and creatives seeking business and career growth along with personal satisfaction and happiness.  

In 2020, in addition to launching Illuminate, Kate built upon her desire to initiate conversation and change concerning race and inclusion and co-founded The Table. The Table’s mission is to make Nashville the model city for equity and inclusiveness by taking action to create opportunities to grow prosperity for people of color.  Through this 250-member organization, The Table brings business leaders together to act on individual needs and intentions to open doors, mentor, and foster business throughout all communities in Nashville.

Kate is an expert in helping individuals become unstuck and move forward in their work and life doing what they most want. She has authored a book, workbook, and journal titled Clarity Compass: Moving Forward for Those Who Feel Stuck in Place available on Amazon.  

Kate has been a leader in developing and executing business strategy and coaching individuals her entire career, previously as Market President and Publisher of the Nashville Business Journal.  Along with running Nashville’s premier business publication, Kate also trained sales executives from across the U.S., partnered with clients to achieve their goals, and hosted more than 50 community events annually. 

Kate has served as an active board or committee member for several organizations throughout her career including Nashville’s Agenda Steering Committee, YWCA, Private Directors Association, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, United Way, Lipscomb University’s Business Committee, Mayor Barry’s Gender Equity Council, Arts and Business Council, Conexion Americas Breakfast Co-Chair, Safe Haven Shelter “Dancing with the Stars” Celebrity Dancer, Junior Achievement and CABLE.  She is a graduate of the Leadership Nashville class of 2009.  Kate is married and has a blended family of five children.