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Where do you want to go?  Together we will walk on a path to what you most want.  Through coaching conversations, I offer the ability to see insights that will most help and jointly discover solutions for getting you there.

Whether you are looking for you, your company or your team, this unique coaching can take you further.



Illuminate You

Through an intuitive coaching model, I guide you in bringing to life what is most important.  By unlocking your desired potential you will see results.

This is done with a combination of:

INTUITIVENESS  Seeing what others may not see, providing new insight

PSYCHOLOGY  Recognizing the layers behind a behavior for lasting change

TACTICAL SOLUTIONS  Utilizing processes that work for creating new habits


Kate helped me get out of my head and start living again. In some ways I felt like a plane, still in the air, but definitely on a descending pattern that was concerning. Having never experienced anything like it before, I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening. She helped me prioritize what mattered most to me and in that exercise I was able to free myself from overthinking. My faith became my strength and I leaned on it more than ever before in my life. Every time we talked I felt stronger and more empowered – another step closer to being myself again. Today, I am the best version of me and I don’t allow people, negative feelings, or the challenges of the day to rule me. I simply don’t give away the power for it to do so.

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L.G. Director of Growth

There aren't enough words that could be used to express my gratitude for the positive impact Kate has made in my life through her coaching technique! Kate's intuitive ability to hold space during our sessions, combined with her dynamic background, provided me with the clarity to define areas for personal growth, the ability to re-align with my life's purpose, and ultimately overcome challenges that have existed for years. This respectful and unique approach are key elements to what makes Kate a blessing to work with and a successful coach - I can't recommend her enough!

E.P. Director of Operations

Early in my professional life I was high-energy, eager to please and advancement was my main goal. As I became a more experienced professional I was starting to lose my passion. The road ahead wasn’t clear and I felt lost and stagnant. Kate helped me dig deep and figure out what I really wanted out of the next chapter of my career. She gave me tools and guidance on how to relook at my life and career. She has a unique gift to bring out the hidden parts of ourselves, build confidence and find joy again. What I value most is how she empowered me to check within myself for the answers I was looking for, because they were there, I just didn’t know how to listen and trust myself.

Client Professional Services

I am truly grateful that our paths crossed at the time in my life when I needed it. I am so thankful for your style of building my confidence from within, because now I know the answers I need are with me - I just need to listen. You didn’t try to give me typical coaching advice or direction, it was a really healing experience and one that will last a lifetime. It’s kind of like the “teach a man to fish” parable. Had you not taught me how to listen and trust myself, I would have been forever reliant on external forces to guide me which are largely out of my control. Thank you again!

J.H. Branding and Client Experience Professional

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